An Epitaph to Jay Weatherill – Nu-Democracy


myprecious-lrThe remarkable result of the Orwellian NewDemocracy Citizens Jury seems to have caught the South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill with his pants down.

While many were skeptical of the process the proof they say is in the pudding, and this pudding is a delicious bake for the many starting to believe the Nuclear Waste agenda was a fait accomplice.

It began with a Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce opening the front gate to a debate that South Australian Law said was unspeakable and progressed through 2016 with evidence gathering which one publisher claimed was bogus from the outset.

So for the Premier to pick up a theme first touted by Prime Minister Hawke and his ‘Chinese mates’ back in 1991 and relayed to Howard in 2003 really should have come as no surprise.

Surprising is that labor in the state has morphed so radically in just a few years, demeaning the labels of Labor or Liberal as both sides of politics have taken the bait from the nuclear lobby to more or less the same extent.

As South Australians gnashed their teeth and became nauseas of the process of government by the proxy of public relations, the biggest bombshell not celebrated by the media was the revelations that Michels Warren had been orchestrating the game at a federal and now state level via the predictable and woefully non evidential and biased process of a Royal Commission.

If ever an institutions credibility  has taken a battering, its that of the Royal Commission, wheeled out and paraded whenever a whitewash beyond recall is called for by mischievous politicians.

Perhaps now is the time for the mother of all Royal Commissions: A Royal Commission into the Abusive and Irresponsible Use of Royal Commissions, and yet who could we call upon to preside over such a beast that is not a patsy of the establishment? – The New Democracy Foundation against the odds delivered the good for South Australia and therefore we may be wise to examine it again as a potential tool to replace the one that is consistently failing.

South Australians were not just being conned, but were also being mocked by the very PR firms milking the public purse and yet still the entire process has backfired and could offer new opportunities to the embattled state.

The population now has a process that is beyond the corridors of power that has been failing the state for decades so the question now is can we iron out the New Democracy and Citizen Jury wrinkles and employ the mechanism on an ongoing basis?

Ironically history may label the Premier as an accidental genius in sowing the seeds of an alternative form of government that does issue a social license and revoke that issued sadly to the so called ‘honourable’ gentlemen that pledged to serve their constituency and yet time and again have simply served themselves.

Thanks Jay for your unwitting and yet brilliant contribution to the reform of democracy in South Australia. If the Nu-Democracy form of government lifts off the massive savings to the state will transform the Nuclear Royal Commission bill criticized by so many today as one of the most accidentally profound investments made in the period of your office.



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