Has Telstra Mushroomed the OZ Nuclear Vets?


A few weeks back, the Australian Veterans of the atomic tests launched a class action against the Australian Federal Government – on the basis that at the time of exposing Australian troops to nuclear blasts the Government knew that the exposed troops were placed in danger from internalisation of fission products.

The story so far:

Australian Nuclear Veterans Association’s website until last week was here: users.bigpond.net.au/anva/

This Web Site is maintained by Australian Nuclear Veterans who were involved in nuclear testing. This site has been a constant resource on the net.

Bigpond is owned by Telstra, which used to be the government telecom monopoly.
Australian Federal Law is strong on national security and strong on maintaining security of Telecom services. Ergo:

A claim against the government is lodged and the next thing the organisation lodging the claim is suddenly without a net presence.

There is a long history of such actions against veterans in this country in my opinion. Some years ago a Veteran preparing to participate in a TV interview witnessed the studio go dark as the power was pulled. The interview had to be abandoned as I recall. (Source: Not the ANVA)

The man in charge and who largely maintained the site and its contents is not well. I am told that though the site is down, and material has been lost, some material has been successfully recovered. The telco in my personal opinion are saying they had nothing to do with it.

I believe, and it is my personal opinion this is bull and that the tactic of enforced social isolation is a habitual one used against veterans and in my personal opinion I believe, without concrete proof (I was not present when the orders to take the site down were issued.) that the site is down as a direct result of orders issued under the authority of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. Veterans have been harassed by government in this country since the 1950s. It hasnt stopped in my opinion.

The email address of the Australian Nuclear Veterans Association is nucvet@bigpond.net.au

  • If anyone out there is interested in sending an email of support to the Australian Nuclear Veterans Association, please do.
  • If anyone wishes to ask the Australian government if it had anything to do with taking down the ANVA website, please do.
  • If anyone wishes to ask Telstra if it was merely “following orders” in this regard (if it wasn’t it is very incompetent if it was, the Nuremburg Defence is not defence), please do.
    John Faulkner
    Defence.Minister@defence.gov.auSenator the Hon Stephen Conroy
    Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy


Paul Langley

(Ed – Perhaps Telstra can clarify/confirm/deny/help restore connectivity – Ziggy? I know you have left but did you have anything to do with this? )

Featured on the ANVA site:

Here is a 1955 document ( from the downed site) showing lack of concern by Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden about the effects of nuclear Radiation on our troops… a pity, we cannot help it ….. lets hope the courts take the matter a little more seriously…..cannot help it!!!!:


A callous disregard for indigenous Australians:

The British tests in Australia failed to recognise the impact of radioactive fallout on indigenous Australians (aborigines). As a result ad hoc management at best was taken to protect aborigines, and there are many reports in the McClelland Royal Commission that demonstrate the callous disregard for the safety and welfare of these people during the tests. In many situations authorities had a callous, and incompetent approach to Aborigines, with little regard for their safety, rights or future well being.

Aborigines living outside of town centers remained predominantly outdoors, with little clothing or footwear, seeking shelter only in times of rain. Groups often traveled between locations, and could cover large distances. They were extremely vulnerable to the effects of fallout onto their bodies, through respiration of particles and dust, fallout onto the land, in water and deposition onto food sources.

In the meanwhile folks visit the archived site, enjoy the olde time grooves and lend whatever support you can muster.

A convenient map of Nuclear Nuclear Explosions since 1945 – a sobering reminder of the nuclear mentality.  Not sure of accuracy in all counts shown of the nuclear tests. A revealing and frank appraisal of the uranium industry downstream channels can be found in : Use of Depleted Uranium Is a Form of Radiologic Warfare… ‘That’s my opinion” says MD, pediatrician and President of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute, Helen Haldicott.

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Further Information:

The Law firm below is thankfully acting on behalf of ANVA and so any Australian participants in the Atomic tests can contact Tom GoudKamp (tom@stacksgoudcamp.com.au)  or Ric Johnstone of ANVA (nucvet@bigpond.net.au)



Maralinga 50 years on: ignoring the lessons of history , Published Friday, 29th September, 2006 – by James Arvanitakis

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  1. And I see the grim reapers (aka ANSTO) perpetuate the nuclear spin – lies and obfuscation prevail:


  2. Please find what was salvaged of the Australian Nuclear Veterans association website at http://www.sandersonsite.com/anva/
    Sandersonsite are happy to give the website a permanent home, free of charge.

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