Advance Australia Fair! – But Who Owns the Commonwealth?

Is Australia really a Constitutional Democracy or are we a company listed on the U.S. Securities Commission?

This document found on the web would suggest that not only has Australia been traded on the US Securities Commission but we are bankrupt as well!!


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  1. Mr Solomon (“Sol”) Trujillo | January 28, 2008 at 11:11 pm | Reply

    Hmmm, I looked into this a bit deeper and asked our accounts department and found the following:

    The Commonwealth of Australia as sighted above is the statutory body of Australia operating in the USA as an Embassy, not Australia the sovereign country.

    The two SC 13G/A forms relate to the changes in the Commonwealths ownership of Telstra, for 2006-02-13 the Commonwealth declared that it owned 51.8% or 6,446,207,123 of the Telstra shares and in 2007-02-14 it owned 17.8% or 2,220,736,177.

    Hope that clears thing up.

    On the other hand though I wonder if the Queen – who owns Australia and whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting – yet, has sold any shares?

    Mr Solomon (“Sol”) Trujillo,
    Chief Executive Officer
    Telstra Corporation

  2. Looking at the page you mention (link), it looks like it is allow for Telstra information to be listed at the SEC and declare significant ownership. The SEC

  3. Good to see a captain of industry contributing to debate and prcovding a candid response. Forget about the queen though Sol, how many shares do you still have in Telstra and how big is your bigpond account? Thanks Dave, significant ownership means what, what does it signal or signify…who signed and why and did anyone tell the original owners? Singapore is a more significant owner of Australia than the government here but does that mean we still pay our taxes to the queen?

  4. Curious…

    Although greatly appreciated, Sol’s answer poses more questions for me than it answers.

    If COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a statutory body operating in the USA as an Embassy, wouldn’t the scope of the filings of that body be limited to the embassy alone, rather than the sovereign nation of Australia as a whole?

    What statute created it? Was it an Australian or US statute?

    If registering COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is necessary for carrying out the business of an embassy within the USA, shouldn’t there be similar registrations in every other country that Australia has an embassy? If so, are there? If not, why not?

    What type of corporation is COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA? Are there shareholders, and if so who are they?

    If you look at the above screen capture it clearly mentions “American Depository Receipts”, whereas the current listing says “UNKNOWN”.

    Here is what Wikipedia says about American Depositary Receipts:

    “An American Depositary Receipt (abbreviated ADR) represents ownership in the shares of a non-U.S. company that trades in U.S. financial markets. The stock of many non-US companies trade on US stock exchanges through the use of ADRs. ADRs enable U.S. investors to buy shares in foreign companies without the hazards or inconveniences of cross-border & cross-currency transactions. ADRs carry prices in US dollars, pay dividends in US dollars, and can be traded like the shares of US-based companies….”

    This clearly implies share ownership. So why did it change from American Depository Receipts to UNKNOWN? Was it a mistake being corrected, a change of status, or a cover up?

    If COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is registered as a corporation in the USA does it pay US taxes?

    If COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is registered in the USA doesn’t that also mean that it is a US corporate citizen?

    If COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is no more than an embassy does that mean that an Australian’s Ens Legis strawman is simultaneously a citizen, and a non-citizen of COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA?

    I don’t claim to be an expert, I am just very curious. It all seems rather odd.

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