Adnyamathanha Elders Continue to say NO To Destruction of Sacred Site also known as Leigh Creek Coalfield

Adnyamathanha Elders Enice Marsh and Linda Coulthard (Angumathanha Camp Law Mob), supported by Cambell Law, again express their opposition to the Leigh Creek Energy Project and the Government of South Australia, allowing damage to occur on a listed Aboriginal Heritage Site.

We speak as Traditional Owners of Adnyamathanha country, the land of Yurlu Yura’s Muda (Kingfisher Man story of creation and central part of Adnyamathanha lore and law) and the home of Adnyamathanha people.

The Premier as Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation must prosecute Leigh Creek Energy for disturbing and interfering with an Aboriginal site.
The previous State Government in 2016/17 failed to represent the Adnyamathanha Elders who made frantic attempts by providing evidence and requesting a proper cultural survey be set in place to protect the site but no action has been taken under the SA Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988.

We have been ignored.
We have not been shown respect as Traditional Owners.
We are upset. We do not understand why the Government is not sticking up for us.
We oppose any further damage, disturbance or interference of our site in Leigh Creek.

In the 1950s when Leigh Creek Coalfield was first established, our status was that of sub-human savages, or being classed by science as non-human. In the colonial world of the new Australian population that came from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland we had no say.

The aim back then was to assimilate us into white society by removing us from our lands and our cultural ties. The alternative to that was to round us up and shoot us. Our cultural resources of thousands of years and hundreds of generations of occupancy were deemed null and void under the Doctrine of Terra Nullius or empty land.

Our only conclusion today can be that in our racist society, mining is still more important than our cultural heritage.

This release prepared by Enice Marsh (Mob: 0428 662 438) and Linda Coulthard and sent to media via WLF at request of.

Contact: Tim Campbell (Lawyer) 0438 639 552

Open Letter sent to Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Executive Director – 17–March-2018:

ltr to AAR re Leigh Creek 17012018

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Camp Law Mob Call To Stop UCG Mining on Sacred Country

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