Intimidation Claims after PM Bushfire PR Effort Bombs.

Scomo fiddles while Australia burns

Fresh from the facebook, this post revealing what could be described as an assault upon the public by the highest ranking public figure in Australia, Scott Morrison.

While Australia burns at an intensity never before experienced, amid widespread calls for Royal Commissions into water sellout corruption and failed fire preparations warned in advance by the fire chiefs of Australia, this latest PR blunder has an interesting postscript.

Adopting the definition of assault known and practiced by tort solicitors and barristers in Australia, lets examine the report made on facebook.

For the punter not aware of the simple legal definition, here is a good explanation of the basic elements of an assault:

Assault is recognised under Australian law as an offence against the individual, irrespective of the seriousness of the offence. Also, Australian law prescribes various charges for the act of assault. The act of assault is always intentional and entails reasonable apprehension by the victim of immediate harm irrespective of whether the actual harm has occurred.

In this light, the offence of assault may take place, for instance, when the perpetrator aims at touching, striking, moving or applying force without the victim’s consent, or when the victim’s consent has been obtained by means of fraud or duress. As the foregoing discussion must suggest, it is irrelevant whether a physical harm has been inflicted on the victim of assault, because a mere attempt to attack or a threat of force suffices. It is extremely interesting to note that assault may also be committed if the perpetrator utilises heat, light, odours, electricity, or any substance in order to cause personal inconvenience or injury to another individual.

Learn more from this site about the finer and more detailed elements of an assault.

Having now established that the action of the PM or his cohorts, as reported, created the fear or apprehension of harm, via security forces armed in the unusual context of a small town in crisis, lets look at the report and then examine what the correct legal response should be, vulnerable people speaking their minds in a crisis, confronted by government agents armed, capable of harm, with an understandable agenda of calming a vocal population in dissent.

Are there any law firms or lawyers out there listening and willing or able to grab this bat and beat it over the head of the most criminal and pathetic prime minister Australia has ever had?

I am sure a crowd funder would attract all the funds needed to stop these common law assaults upon people already under the earlier assault of gross mismanagement of the water and environmental resources of Australia.

While the corporate controlled media spins the Climate Change message, a convenient message which fits the Bill(s) the Federal and State Governments have been passing to remove all rights to water or country living, Australians really do need to wake up and look at the micro economic planning that has been weaved into our lives for decades, and which has led us to this sad place…this is government negligence and this is a crime against nature and the public persons of Australia, still slumbering under the old fashioned illusion of public service and well intentioned politicians entering government.

The ABC is aiding and abetting this by releasing just a small fraction of the news, no doubt as all news must be reviewed before release by the ABC lawyers who are all employed and paid well by the government of the day, so the best intentions and best leads of the best journalist will never see the light of day, because that would not be cricket and Aunty was never good at playing cricket anyway!

We will not throw you in the deep end of the alternative media/conspiracy world, instead we will introduce you to the middle of the pool, where there is a handy and close ladder for you to grab, should the alternative truth cause you distress or convulsions, see your doctor if the pain persists…

May I introduce, Mr middle of the alternative news pool, Mr Max Igan, well versed in international and Australian politics and very well versed in the theater of water corruption and other factors contributing to this horror summer being reported all over the world…over to you Max..

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