RM has received this petition which is non functional, and expresses far reaching news concerning the tragic Beaumont Missing Children case. Affected family members have found new support from, The International Tribunal for Natural Justice & the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

By way of introduction this is the copy from the dysfunctional site seeking action on the new evidence:

In January 1966 Jane, Arna, and Grant Beaumont disappeared from Glenelg Beach South Australia . Despite multiple leads and millions of dollars spent on the investigation police have never uncovered any evidence of what happened to the Beaumont children. Now there is evidence that should be investigated.

Andrew McIntyre has provided a statement to S.A police naming his father, Max McIntyre and a family friend Anthony Munro as having detailed knowledge of what happened to the Beaumont children. Andrew McIntyre states that he was supposed to go to Glenelg Beach with his father and Munro on the day the children disappeared but he was told to stay at home at the last minute. Andrew McIntyre says that several hours later his father Max McIntyre and Anthony Munro drove back to the house, both agitated and visibly upset. Andrew says that he saw blood and sand in Munro’s car.

Andrews sister Ruth Collins provided a statement to police stating that she saw bodies of children in the boot of the car. Andrew states that a couple of weeks after the disappearance a sinkhole on Max McIntyre’s property at Stansbury in South Australia was filled in. Aerial footage actually confirms that this occurred at around this time.

In June 2017 Anthony Munro was convicted of serial sex offending against Andrew McIntyre dating back to the mid 1960s. This prosecution was based on a further statement provided by Andrew McIntyre. Anthony Munro pleaded guilty to the charges without challenging Andrew McIntyre’s version of events. Andrew McIntyre’s evidence was accepted by the South Australian District Court as truthful and factual.

Adding further credibility to Andrew McIntyre’s recollection of that time is the recent discovery of a diary titled “Marine Salvage and Exploration Group” detailing the trips that the author of the diary and Andrew McIntyre took with  Munro around the time the Beaumont Children went missing. The diary corroborates statements made by Andrew McIntyre detailing the abuse he suffered by Munro. More importantly, it places Anthony Munro, a well known pedophile who has recently been convicted of sex crimes dating back to the 1960s as a regular at Glenelg Beach around the time the Beaumont children went missing.

Andrew McIntyre believes that the bodies of the Beaumont children are buried in the sinkhole on his fathers property at Stansbury South Australia. This belief is not only based on the timing of the filling in of the sinkhole, but other information that has been provided to SAPOL.

Max McIntyre died in June 2017.  Before his death he stated, on recorded video, that he had knowledge of what had happened to the Beaumont children.  The South Australian Police have to date shown no interest in excavating the sinkhole to pursue what is the most compelling evidence to have emerged in the 50 year old investigation.

We call on the South Australian Police to follow up on the evidence provided by Andrew McIntyre and to dig up the sinkhole on Max McIntyre’s property in Stansbury in South Australia . Andrew McIntyre’s statement to police has found to be truthful and credible by the South Australian District Court.  His statement on the Beaumont children should be properly investigated.

We ask you to please sign this petition to have the South Australian Police commence digging and excavating the location of this sinkhole on Max McIntyre’s property at Stansbury.  Andrew McIntyre can identify the location on the property.

In over 50 years South Australian Police have not uncovered any new evidence . The corroborated statements of Andrew McIntyre are the biggest lead so far in the investigation.  The disappearance of the Beaumont children is an Australian tragedy. SAPOL should be following up every lead to try to solve this case and commence digging immediately.

We ask you to sign our petition and share it in the hope we can find these 3 children and return them to their loving family. ( see link bottom of article fresh petition)

Non functional petition

The published statements of the victims reporting the revelations which can be found here.

RM warns that these reports are disturbing and graphic and should only be watched if people are prepared to hear such disturbing reports.

It’s truly astonishing that Australia’s most infamous cold case murder mystery has been largely solved and yet no take up has occurred from the mainstream media or the police authorities in South Australia.

While the world is truly shocked by the revelations, what is most disturbing is the eerie silence from the authorities and the media in the wake of the revelations.

Further salient facts and information:


On 5 April 2008 Jamie Walker of The Australian reported “How Mother Goose ducked pedophile net”.

In the course of his three-year inquiry into the sexual abuse of children in care, Mullighan investigated allegations that two police operations in the 1990s targeting Adelaide’s sex beats were shut down to protect prominently placed pedophiles. Mullighan found no evidence to substantiate this. He reported, however, that “close police scrutiny” of beats such as Veale Gardens, on the southern fringe of the Adelaide CBD, had ended a decade ago. “It is known by the state the sexual exploitation of children, including children in state care, at Veale Gardens and other beats, continues,” Mullighan wrote. “The inquiry asks … why this conduct is permitted to occur? Young people continue to be sexually exploited at these beats, they provide sexual favours in exchange for money, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and other benefits. They are collected from those beats and taken elsewhere for sexual offences.” It’s a good question, but one surprisingly that seems to have had little resonance in South Australia since Premier Mike Rann tabled Mullighan’s voluminous report in state parliament on Tuesday.

Family Murders – Von Einem statement of innocence.

The case of the acting Police Minister -South Australian MP named in child porn case

Child Abuse | 9 News Adelaide

South Australia – Protected Pedophiles in Public Office

The Australian public have a “Right to Know” what the corrupt Australian media won’t tell them

The South Australian media keeps silent on matters of serious crimes – and ALWAYS tows the line of the South Australian Police (SAPOL) media mouthpieces, never questioning their agenda or motive. It’s criminal. And it’s so easy to get away with in the backwater of Adelaide with only one paper – the Crapvertiser, er sorry, Advertiser! Multiple witnesses have come forward naming several person of interest in many cold case child abductions and murders – including offering the whereabouts of the remains of the missing Beaumont children (Stansbury), and Louise Bell (Edwardstown.) But SAPOL don’t want those crimes solved until all the major players are dead and buried.

Covid19: It could be worse, satanic pedophiles could be running the planet. Rachel Vaughan

Australia’s Dark Secrets – Part One: The Beaumont Children – An Interview with Rachel Vaughn

Shaun Attwood – Daughter Of Satanic Serial Child Killer Pedo & Cannibal: Rachel Vaughan

Petition: Missing Beaumont Children: SAPOL To Dig The Sink Hole at McIntyre Road, Stansbury

On that petition, once Senior Jounalist with the Advertiser comments:

Apr 21, 2020 — 

I’ve signed and am sharing this petition because of the FACTS.

It is FACT that there was something in that sinkhole at Stansbury that Max McIntyre wanted to remain buried in the sinkhole for no-one to know about.

It is FACT, and reported 100% factually by myself in The Advertiser 5 years ago, that Max McIntyre stated he knew a lot about the Beaumont Children “killings” and it is FACT that Max pointed the finger at Tony Munro as being involved in events linked to the disappearance of the Beaumont Children, as well as crimes against other children.

It is FACT also that SAPOL openly claimed they had nothing to suspect Munro for crimes against children and that Munro was not on their radar for child sex crimes. It is FACT that they said that knowing that he had been convicted and jailed for a child sex crime. It is assumed they had little interest in chasing up the now convicted millionaire pedophile who, it is FACT, raped Max’ son, Andrew, a month before the disappearance of the Beaumont children and continued to rape children for decades to come.

It is FACT that a diary used to record the movements and activities of Munro, Andrew and others as they went fishing, diving and camp all around the coastline in December 19965 and January 1966 features false dates, giving the appearance that all of those “fun” times, which included Munro raping children he had gained the trust of, took place well after the disappearance of the Beaumont children.

It is FACT that Max McIntyre gave myself and others permission to dig at the sinkhole site – no media, no cops… “Don’t make a scene”.

It is FACT that Max McIntyre ordered all his records be destroyed when he died… and FACT that fires burned across his property in the days immediately following his death.

And despite what some people continue to post on this petition “defending the honour of the deceased Max McIntyre”, it is FACT that he was not a nice man. He died with mountains of knowledge of crimes committed against children, including his own son, and continued to speak with a number of people, collaborate with them, and reminisce with them about those crimes rather than expose them to police who he also corresponded with frequently.

I have almost 30 years experience as a journalist, more than a decade as a respected investigative journalist, newspaper editor and chief of staff. I always put FACTS first.

It is also FACT that we will never know what is in the Stansbury Sinkhole unless it is dug. So signing this petition is just another small effort in a long string of successful efforts I’ve made to get all of the FACTS available

Why is the Australian media still playing a game of cat and mouse and ignoring the INTJ testimony of Rachel Vaughan and her brother?

Who took the Beaumont children?: New lead in iconic Australia Day abduction


Readers from across the globe are fascinated by this case. Why? Because the case has largely been solved and the residue of the evidence has not been accepted by the establishment that historically is complicit in the crimes.
For the readers and the listeners of the story, there is presented a great conundrum and opportunity to reach a fundamental understanding of a systematic and systemic matrix of evil which is the government, the courts and the police of the supposed democracies we subscribe to…and yet the clues are evident and the hidden information in the Mulligan inquiry and others remain muted, while the systems of abuse remain intact and continue.

To listen to this story, you are being brave and sharing the pain of the people brave enough to present the facts. Go a step further and share the story and ask your local MP why the South Australian Police are ignoring the evidence, your small step is the savior of new people arriving on the planet you don’t know, but nevertheless a great gift.

Support Project Millstone:

Reopen and undertake a proper investigation into the Wood Royal Commission, Mullighan Enquiry, and the Heiner Affair. Some cases have had an 80 year suppression order to protect the government officials and elite. These need to be reversed and exposed.

Fake news has presented itself again, why is New idea, the ABC and the Advertiser not reporting on these basics facts and updates on the most chilling cold case murder story in Australian history?