Dan Van Holst Pellekaan – The Manchurian Gas Candidate

Chairperson of the William Light Foundation, Nigel Carney, has responded to the latest revelation of Chinese influence upon the Liberal Party, courtesy of the Adelaide Advertiser. Mr Carney, sees this as a timely reminder for the voters in the electorate of Stuart, who may be under the misapprehension that the Shadow Minister for Mining and Energy has local interests at heart.

The Communities of the Flinders Ranges are well acquainted with local member Dan Van Holst Pellekaan and his Liberal party room sponsorship of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG). He met with China New Energy in May last year after they put a cool $20 million into the coffers of the Leigh Creek Energy Project.

In Leigh Creek last week, Mr Carney claims that Pellekaan told him to ‘go away’ after he confronted him on his abysmal performance as a local representative,  one failing to have any compassion for a community facing the prospect of one of the most infamous and dangerous mining practices in the world – UCG.

Rosettamoon asked Mr Carney what the implications of this are for the electorate and how people can respond.

Well, Mr Pellekaan’s  UCG stripes were well revealed last year, and its interesting that when he met China New Energy with the Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis and the Leigh Creek Energy Team, Dan was absent from the photo shoot.


This means we have a local snake in the grass representative quite prepared to sell out the interests of his electorate and the environment in obeyance to his Chinese Masters, Leigh Creek Energy, and new breakfast club pal Kate Bickford of SABest, lawyer acting for the Leigh Creek Energy Project.

Who will you be voting for Mr Carney?

Mark Parnell and the Greens candidate of course with second preference to Khatija Thomas of the ALP. She is a very astute candidate regardless of her poor choice of party and is a good listener and concerned about local issues. She is polite, respectful and courteous, I think she would be a great local representative in stark contrast to Mr Pellekaan who places nefarious business connections before community concerns.

The Greens and the Conservation Council have been proactive in the campaign to have UCG banned in South Australia, and I suspect there will be more media in coming weeks.

It’s actually offensive to witness the likes of Pellekaan being paid by the SA taxpayer as a democratic representative while he is representing corporate non local interests, ones that are quite okay with destroying the environment and local communities. If this is democracy then I’m a monkey’s uncle!

It’s highly unusual for a local parliamentary representative to tell a local to ‘go away’?

I would describe that as offensive as well, and urge all voters in the Stuart to electorate to remove this imposter from office on election day, March 17, 2018.


Media Release issued today by the WLF:


As Shadowy Mining and Energy Minister Mr Pellekaan, and being close friends with China New Energy (Leigh Creek Energy Project – UCG Flinders Ranges) and Linc Energy before they went belly up and destroyed Chinchilla, any statement on this Dan?

How did the SACOME breakfast with Kate Bickford (SABest candidate and lawyer acting for Leigh Creek Energy Project) and Tom Koutsantonis go yesterday? Fracking well, I imagine.

The communities of the Flinders Ranges, and the environment, don’t need you or your stinky gas plans any longer. Good riddance!




Excerpt from Advertiser revelation:

CHINESE mining magnate Sally Zou has tweeted an image of a cheque for $1.2 million, made out to the South Australian Liberal Party.

Ms Zou, who is by far and away the largest donor to the Liberal Party’s SA division, accompanied the image with a cryptic statement.

“This is a life-journey wandering the Man, who is met a beautiful accident … Perhaps is casual transmigration , and this was born , wish you LIBERALS had enough’’ (sic).

It is not clear at this stage whether the donation, for $1,212,018, has actually been made.

While large donations need to be declared to the Electoral Commission, any donation made today would not yet be listed.

The image is of a Commonwealth Bank cheque, with the day and month of the date, and Ms Zou’s signature blurred.

The Liberal Party of Australia, SA Division state director Sascha Meldrum has been contacted by The Advertiserto verify whether the donation has been made.

Ms Zou has donated several hundred thousand dollars to the Liberal Party at the State and Federal level since late 2015.

The Adelaide-based businesswoman, also a major sponsor of the Port Power AFL club, caused heated debate in Federal Parliament over foreign donations last year after establishing the “Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation” which was a proprietary limited company.

The Foreign Minister told Parliament last year she had never heard of the organisation after its existence was revealed by The Advertiser.
Ms Zou frequently praises the Liberal Party on Twitter, while also criticising the Labor Party. The Advertiser has attempted to contact Ms Zou.


Donations to federal Liberal Party

$100,000 May 19, 2016

$12,000 June 6, 2016

Donations to SA Liberal Party

$50,000 Nov 11, 2015

$50,000 Dec 21, 2015

$20,000 May 9, 2016

$50,000 May 10, 2016

$100,000 May 12, 2016

$50,000 May 26, 2016

$50,000 May 31, 2016

$20,000 Jun 9, 2016

$20,000 Jun 25, 2016

$88,888 Apr 26, 2017

$143,664 May 17, 2017 (including the $88,888)

$81,188.88 Aug 11, 2017

Total: $746,852

Source: Australian Electoral Commission

* Not an exhaustive list.

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Chinese investment in Australia and political corruption

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