Dark Australian Forces Refuse to Save The Children

A sober report by John Adams, on the State of the Nation, and the suppression of his submission to the Federal Parliament of Australia. The suppression of public evidence regarding pending laws is a serious matter, it suggests we no longer live in a parliamentary democracy.

RosettaMoon publishes the story here and raises the alert regarding this development and the new move for the Australian Government to torch any Australians that present information contrary to the narrative of the governments which are eroding common law and human rights.

A trend now common across the five eyes nations United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the video John Adams steps through the correspondence which he received which blocked his submission from being considered evidence in the Senate enquiry.

So far so good until he discovers the enquiry is over and his public submission is missing. Instead, Mr Adams discovered that only Australian agencies, mainly police, were listened to – the fox in the henhouse scenario, an alarming discovery.

Undaunted, Mr Adams enquires as to why his public submission was not included and receives this correspondence, confirming that public opinion is not a factor in the forthcoming legislation.

RM hopes to include the missing submission shortly.