Is Australia’s China Bashing Fair Dinkum given Local Human Rights Abuses?

The so called leaked China Cables from the so called International Consortium of Investigative Journalists raises the obvious question of whether Australia is in a position to judge China over its treatment of minority groups and citizens. Had Australia a good or even moderately good record in this sphere, then maybe the ABC campaign would have more merit.

However, Australia is currently allowing a respected investigative journalist, Julian Assange, to rot in a British prison cell, and is secretly imprisoning citizens and ignoring the basic rules of law with regard its own population. This is nothing new, in fact mass genocide is a key feature of British Colonization which underpins the Australian nation, founded upon the abuse of political prisoners and economic refugees exported from Britain in the nineteenth century.

Only last year Australia was slam dunked for its ongoing abuse of the rights of refugees held in detention, an issue which exposes high level corruption and official denial of the abuses despite membership of the United Nations Human Rights Council. From the Conversation we read:

Australia was elected to the UN Human Rights Council in October for a term of three years, pledging to prioritise freedom of expression, Indigenous rights, gender equality, good governance and national human rights institutions.

But it needed to address “serious shortcomings” in its own human rights record if it wanted to be a credible leader on the world stage, said Human Rights Watch Australia director, Elaine Pearson.

“Sitting on the Human Rights Council will put Australia’s rights record under greater international scrutiny, so the government needs to act now to reverse its human rights failings.”

The balanced story of the decline of Australia and the entry of China into Australia is well covered in Clive Hamilton’s Silent Invasion. In this tome we learn that successive Australian Prime Ministers beginning with Bob Hawke have sold Australia out economically and environmentally to the detriment of the well being of all Australians. This signals the failure of our governments to act properly or prudently to maintain the ongoing viability of the country, while of course mapping the subterfuge of the Chinese who have made good of the ineptness of Australian governments and politicians that have taken unlawfully private commissions and donations in relation to this silent invasion.

John Howard entered into an unholy alliance with George Bush on the false basis of Weapons of Mass destruction, and implicated Australia in the deaths and displacement of millions of innocent people. A politician who by rights is a war criminal and yet the impact is still reverberating in the horrific detention centers established to curb the tide of refugees resulting from this unlawful war.

Robert Menzies entered Australia into an earlier unholy alliance with the US which resulted in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and was knighted for his actions by the British Crown that has an even more extensive list of human rights abuses when the map of colonization is followed to all corners of the globe.

In summary, the ABC does little or no service in playing this role in the propaganda wars when it abandons balanced reporting and seeks to serve the agenda of the Australian politicians who are accountable for countless attrocities and for selling out the national interest.

The crux of this ‘leaked’ report, ho hum, comes from a Washington based outfit of investigative journalists with the shared goal of:

At the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists we want to inspire and cultivate a global community of reporters and readers who believe journalism can bring about positive change.

However, one must question this when the world leading investigative journalist and founder of Wikileaks is suspiciously absent from their news reports? Surely such an organization would be at the forefront of the campaign to have the best of their own released from unlawful imprisonment?

Shame on you Aunty for publishing this rubbish in such an unbalanced fashion which can only serve to damage China/Australia relations and remove any leverage for positive change to address human rights abuses around the world.

Further information:

Readers may wish to google “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” “Julian Assange” and be prepared for dissapointment, as there is no rally for free speech or to free the worlds most famous champion of free speech..what the the ICIJ appears to be in fact is a complete diversion from the important truths and a tool of the corporate media to create a false pretense that investigative journalism is live and exposed along with our own national broadcaster the ABC which is an affiliate of the ICIJ and made no statement of this in the recent article…news fakery is now the new ordinary and we see the proceeds of this all over facebook and twitter while the real journalists are disenfranchised and unemployed..welcome to the new world order fakery 101 plus.

This is the only result from the search, a disgusting and telling revelation of how fake ( a good fake) the ICIJ is…shame on all the journalists on the payroll!

I scooped Julian Assange, now I’m on his enemy list