The ABC is not reporting this story, so you may need to do a fact check to believe its not headline news. Its real and the small snippets available are provided below.

What does this mean? Good question! It means at the drop of a hat or a sneeze our beloved government has broken all constitutional protocols and law and is inviting undefined foreign forces onto our shores to help with any ’emergencies’.

A good squeak from the Greens but otherwise a stone-cold silence as Australia just became an invited target for takeover and citizens at the whim of the armed forces that have been invited to arrive, all timed prior to the CV-19 Pandemic and ready like clockwork as the vaccine rollout begins.

Added to this further law changes reintroducing conscription of Army Reserves a move not made since the sixties and another change not noted by the mainstream sleeper mode media.

There is no simple way to portray this story, ten years ago Four Corners or the Guardian would be all over it. The silence on this development is a chilling litmus test of the blanket control of the media that spews the CV-19 fear and loathing false narrative and fails to report on actual news emerging, today.

The ABC was once the the public interest cat that would not stray from its duty of pouncing on news and political developments. The Aunty we loved was raped by successive ALP and Liberal Governments to the point she is now a shameless whore of the Corporate interests that govern the cabinet of Australia and the state governments spinning the virus agenda to the letter of their instructions.

It would be timely for the national broadcaster to report on the cessation of Australian sovereign rights that are agreed to in this extraordinary Bill and Act that goes unnoticed because it’s not reported.

We begin with this impassioned pleas from Greens Member, who commented before the Bill was passed, ALP and Liberals in alliance and the Greens the only opposition?

Foreign troops on Australian streets bill passed

A relevant comment:

I’m yet to see any report on this apart from the one above. Yet, there were a few reports before it was passed….now that it is passed the silence is disturbing & the original uploader, Mayor T was suspended for a few weeks and this video removed. Now I hear that Australian & NZ naval ships are headed for the UK….what, to “assist” indoor to door injections?

Site access of RM editorial has been limited since publication of this post and an explosion of site statistics squashed within a day, which means the public need to share, print or do whatever to share this news.

We have indeed entered a Brave New World and this development not reported by the ABC is an alarm bell, ringing silently and a reminder that corporate global vested interests have taken over our Aunty and the airwaves which should be obvious by now to anyone that tunes in to the ABC news.

Fake news reporting a fake virus, a fake PCR CV-19 test and fake statistics reported elsewhere on RM,. While the ABC does reports on conspiracy theorists the general public in the habit of trusting the ABC may make the fatal mistake of taking fake medical advice and destroying their health and the health of their families, simply by not being aware that the ABC is now a fake national broadcaster?

The very basis of the fake pandemic disclosed clearly by the inventor of the PCR tests, the fake basis of the shutdown of society and the destruction of small business.

Kary Mullis declares the fake pandmenic

Search the ABC news site and you will find a null result. This means the ABC is in breach of its charter and the journalistic standards of proper and fair and balanced reporting required of it. The irony is that we no longer have a national broadcaster capable of reporting its own breaches, which makes a mockery of ABC Chair Ita Buttrose who has failed the Australian Public and supports the bogus CV-19 narrative according to the wishes of her corporate masters.

More details of this unreported story will be posted shortly.