Social Distancing – The New Digital Prison

The world’s at an interesting crossroad and the decisions people make today will have profound ramifications for tomorrow and the rest of days. CV-19, the media blitz, the virtual shutdown of the global economy is underway, tomorrow we will awaken to a new dawn and now is a testing time for people to dwell upon the phenomena and how they choose to react.

A journalist, James Corbett of the Corbett Report, has been mapping geo-politics since 9/11 and has documented the 2020 CV-19 emergence since December 31, 2001. Then, John Hopkins University and the Centre for Disease Control ( CDC) released the templates for Medical Marshall law, the elements of which have been put in place progressively since and are now approaching full force.

Watch and ponder this latest report and the speed of change and enforcement of new regulations – escalating day by day.

A few pertinent quotes from the program are included below, also select comments which reveal civil liberty constraints already in place and spreading virally across the globe now.

We are being told to flatten the curve by practicing social distancing. We are being told to quarantine shame those who break the new societal taboos. So how exactly do you introduce entirely new cultural norms across much of the world in the space of just a few weeks? Watch and learn.

How to Practice Proper Social Distancing

Highlights for the time-deprived:

This chap is taking no chances and such inventions may become common place!

But seriously, from the Corbett Report, responses from his global audience that are noteworthy.

Definition: to prepare the mind for the horrors to come between the haves and have-nots due to this plandemic! Affective social distance is probably the most widely known type and the one that is the cause of great concern among sociologists. Affective social distance was defined by Emory Bogardus, who created the Bogardus Social Distance Scale for measuring it. Affective social distance refers to the degree to which a person from one group feels sympathy or empathy for persons from other groups.

Laurence Fishburne introduced the phrase “social distancing” in the 2011 film “Contagion.”

Bravo James. Greetings from Italy, the epicenter of madness at the moment. A week ago, I got stopped for riding my bike (alone, of course), and now I have to defend myself in court. The law that criminalized biking was half a day old, I did not know. People were filming while the military police interrogated me, hoping for some good footage about yet another bad guy who doesn’t obey and deserves to be punished. Criminalized for riding a bike. As of now, we have drones, helicopters and military police all over the place. And the people applaud. It’s a bloody shame. I have NEVER seen this beautiful country shattered like this, and it’s NOT because of the virus but because of how we are dealing with it. Again, thanks. You have no idea how good it is to hear a reasonable voice amidst all this madness

@corbettreport Hi James. Just wanted to bring forward some news from Norway. The government is designing an app to monitor social distancing in the population!!

Welcome the new World : Now in Belgium, if caught outside, you have to pay 250€=270 dollars, if caught a second time then it’s prison from 1 to 3 months.

I don’t know what to do about this but I feel in my heart that it should be considered by all. I already miss my freedoms and the thought that we are will soon be immersed in “Orwell’s” dystopian nightmare is cause for complete despair!

Thanks James as always, for explaining what I think so perfectly… most Australians are falling down the same rabbit hole !! same mantra being screamed here , even by panicked people on buses ! It’s all out of control. Media now reporting that the police are being inundated with people calling to dob in others not staying self isolated & showing police going to homes to check if they are complying. Scary thing is no one will see these news reports for what they are – beam me up scottie !!!

Police has already begun to issue fines to the public, when they break social distancing here in Denmark, because people is not taking it serious is the excuse they conveyed on a press meeting.

After watching this I sat outside my front door and happened to witness an interaction indicative of where we’re at. A woman pulled up with some shopping, dropped it off in the porch area of this house but appeared to be behaving erratically. Then I realised she was playing with a young child as they were separated by the sliding door. As she backed away he put his hands through the letterbox to wave goodbye. It was all very light-hearted but for me knowing that this is another pre-planned crisis, it was tinged with sadness. Dehumanising interaction to shepherd us into the digital future that’s been laid out. Lots of love to all ye Corbetteers.

Hello James! “For our own good”, in Greece, you now need to download an app and send a notification for every move you make, outside your home! And there is a penalty of 150 euro if you’re caught without it! And everybody is happy about it! (imagine, older people who aren’t familiar with apps, or don’t have a smart-phone?) – But, I can’t really see where is this leading to? Capitalism, as we know it, needs consumers and active, social citizens! – Unless, you suppose that they have a grant plan to change the whole World-system of Life and Economy… Eliminate the old and sick, reduce the population by 50% or more… And keep only few, younger people for the practical jobs, as slaves! – I am sure you have some thoughts on that… Please, elaborate!