The Craig Kelly MP 100% Covid Backflip…was he threatened?

The news events of February 4 2021 were a little bit extraordinary along the Covid Plandemic timeline and ominous for democracy in Australia. MP Craig Kelly came under fire for presenting an alternative medical opinion to Covid in association with Celebrity Chef Pete Evans.

Regardless of people’s views on COVID, the career-destroying hammer delivered to Pete Evans and Craig Kelly is a somber reminder that Democracy in Australia is all but dead.

Of note is that while Pete Evans’s views which are popular have been rubbished by all media, they consistently fail to present the views expressed in the 90-minute podcast which has vanished from social media pages and is not linked in any of the reporting. Also of note is that the ABC relegated the story to an opinion/analysis piece, the ABC which once followed its Charter of fair and balanced reporting has become a rogue broadcaster.

Two prominent politicians have clashed in front of television cameras over coronavirus misinformation as pressure mounts on the PM to intervene.

The Labor frontbencher slammed Mr Kelly as a “taxpayer-funded nong” who needs to shut up.

“The government is spending $24 million on a campaign telling people to get vaccinated, and we’ve got a taxpayer-funded nong running around telling people not to,” Ms Plibersek said.

She said her mum lived in Mr Kelly’s electorate and she didn’t want her exposed to people who refused to get vaccinated.

“I don’t want them going to the shops, getting in contact with people who’ve refused to be vaccinated because their local MP is spreading conspiracy theories on the internet. He needs to shut up.”

Within a short space of time MP is dragged before the PM and we witness a jaw dropping backflip.

Scott Morrison hauls in COVID quack cure pusher Craig Kelly and declares ‘enough is enough’

In a statement, Mr Kelly has now confirmed his meeting with the Prime Minister.

“The Prime Minister reinforced the importance of ensuring public confidence in the Government’s vaccine strategy,’’ Mr Kelly said.

“I agreed to support the Government’s vaccination rollout which has been endorsed by medical experts.

“I have always sought to support the success of our nation’s public health response during the pandemic.

“I believe that the spread of misinformation can damage the success of our public health response during the pandemic.

The rage against MP Kelly and Pete Evans continues and yet the content of their claims nor any content or links to the 90 minute podcast are made available. We, the public must trust the rhetoric and are seemingly not entitled to hear the views of popular and prominent Australians that are speaking out.

Pete Evans: Facebook removes celebrity chef’s page over conspiracies

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Pete Evans’ 90-minute chat with rogue MP Craig Kelly

Craig Kelly and Tanya Plibersek clash in Parliament House corridor over COVID misinformation

What caused the sudden backflip after the dressing down of Craig Kelly MP? This we dont know at this stage as the story unfolds and we bear witness to a historical crackdown of free speech in Australia.

Update March 12, 2021

A reader is taking the view that Craig Kelly represents a form of controlled opposition to the lockdowns and the global vaccination program, after being booted from the Craig Kelly facebook page following this comment:

Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff real fast. Mr. Kelly, you are reading your comments and yes there are supportive no friend trolls of course. Answer simply to us ( you answer your fans), not your savvy post responders,
1/ Do you understand the CV19 has never been isolated as a virus?
2/ Do you understand the tests are bogus?
3/Do you understand the relationship between the Gates Foundation/ GAVI and corrupt contracts between once sovereign states/WHO?
4/Do you understand the vaccinations in all the forms are NOT vaccinations and are in fact gene modifications?
IF there is no response from you, Mr. Kelly, to clarify these points, I declare you to be a FAKE controlled opposition exponent of the global reset ☹️☹️👽

WAKE UP people, we have seen these sideline tactics before. If this post response is not answered clearly then you can be sure Mr. Kelly is a ‘sheep in wolves‘ clothing and 100s of 1000s of Aussies have been sucked in by his BS rhetoric.

IF, on the other hand, Mr. Kelly responds and clarifies these bullet points, I apologize most humbly for my gross misunderstanding of the situation. GOSH! A WIN-WIN for everyone! I await your response Mr. Kelly…if there is no response, my conclusion is that you are the DEVILS work 😆🤓😟🙌I trust via your response that I am wrong of course and I will shout you a beer on the first occasion I can 😍🤩

Readers can form their own view, needless to say, Mr. Kelly is an enigma and it’s hard to identify his rationale or the media frenzy that follows the course of his actions. Deleting rather than responding to public opinion tends to lend support to the conclusion that he is a rather cunning but not so honest politician.