The Greens Celebrate as the World Burns!

As the rollout of the vaccine proceeds our readers speak out and are frustrated by the lack of response from state and federal members. Today, we post a letter from Mr. Carney, expressing his concerns to his Greens SA representative who fails to respond.

Here we publish his letter and will report further on the response.

Included are links that must be shared widely, in the face of the current disinformation programs of world governments. including Australia and propagated by the Australian National Broadcaster, the ABC.

The implications for our once trusted ABC journalists become obvious to the reader that follows and watches the links provided. They are implicit and guilty of crimes against humanity.

Hi Mark,

We have worked on campaigns together and yet on FB you will not respond and when I post comments I am met with trolls, a common one is Tom Parker (no friends)

I have also emailed you on the 5G issue and again you have not responded and I have studied RF for over ten years and the ill effects?

Why the silence on these issues from you and the Greens?

Is there some pact by which constituents with real concerns are simply to be ignored on matters of public safety? Otherwise, why has there been no response to any of my letters regarding Radiation Risk from 4G and 5G, from you or our local member or our federal member?

It makes a mockery of the regular updates from all of you when there is no response from any of you and it validates the concerns confirmed by alliances of RF expert scientists that challenged 5G unregulated in the US to no effect.

How can you claim to be a representative (valid) when you do not respond to valid concerns backed up by science?

My submission was published and it outlined all of the concerns of local blackspots and it also outlined solutions, and yet no state or federal member responded despite the opportunity of hundreds of millions of $ savings via observation of my report and infrastructure savings?

This leads the common person to question what you and the other members are actually doing when common sense submissions and suggestions are ignored and leads one to imagine that you are led by the telcos and big pharma rather than by the constituents that elected you. 

When there is zero response on FB, or via emails and public submissions what else can we conclude?

I am sending you a link to my submission and also note that I discovered the process was overseen by a US third party and there also was no response to any parties on this discovery that the Australian Blackspots program was managed via the US and not Australia and this was not declared in any government information?

5G in Australia 27GHZ, 5G in the US 60GHZ, mm-wave technology beamforming, a public disablement frequency now deployed in public spaces in Cities and Regions across Australia and no safety protocols and no response from the Greens or any party on this clear and present danger?

My submission responded by no politician, includes the details:

An FB post sent to you challenging the safety of Australian Government Policy State and Federal.

A current legal challenge to the current ‘vaccination rollout.

Since the inception of the ‘pandemic’, like the learned doctors that have spoken out at great risk, I have never feared any risk of any virus, but rather the global agenda that seeks to destroy communities, society, and economies in the name of another agenda, not aligned to public health, economy or human benefit.

Given the current stakes and the lives at risk as the ABC and the Australian Government pursues the agenda now under legal challenge, a full and proper response, finally, would be appreciated by 4 PM March 22nd, lest more lives are lost.

If you or the representatives copied take issue with emails and information I have sent you over the past twelve months, fine, now is the time to explain your position and any revocation of the information presented.

Failing this, I would consider you and the other politicians that have failed to respond to me and countless other Australians as GUILTY of wilful negligent criminal conduct, and failing answers and responses will ultimately be held accountable for the consequences of the risks brought in advance to your attention.

I look forward to your response by then and the other members copied,

Kind Regards, and thanks for listening

Nigel Carney