Victorian Local Government Act 2018 – New Powers to Break & Enter homes

Victorian residents are waking up to a brave new Orwellian world, with local government now seeking powers to use police enforcement of home energy efficiency. Under  the Victorian Local Government Act 2018, private property will no longer be so.

Victorians are now urged to double check their light bulbs, insulation and any water leaks to avoid a raid by the local constabulary. Or, fight this Bill and maintain your basic rights to your peace and tranquility.

One letter doing the rounds as we speak reads:

Good People & Ministers of Victoria: There’s a New Local Government Act planned for 2018, giving Local Councils the power to enter & confiscate homes in 2018, with police protection!

Click Here to Sign a Petition. From the 2018 Draft legislation:
326(10) An authorised officer may enter any land or building in the municipal district at any reasonable time to carry out and enforce this Act or any regulation or local law.

The Chief Exectutive Officer of a Council, could appoint a Council or Police Officer to be an ‘authorised officer’ for the proposed legislation under Sections 326(1) & (5).

Note that ONLY Councillors are elected, the CEO, Council workers, nor the Police are NOT elected! Under this criteria alone, how could they be described as ‘Government’? Therefore, we contend that all Councillors & the Mayor would be personally liable for allowing any such (un-)‘authorised’ claims or actions.

Members of Parliament receiving this information, please acknowledge & respond. Silence may be assumed as ‘acquiescence’ to an agenda disempowering Stewards of the Land.

Below are guidelines from a friend that can further address this issue. Attached is their submission, as well as our own submission that is an attempt to simplify issues. Please consider forwarding this email to Members of Parliament with your own special message, & demand a reply or complete your own submission .

Act Now, there’s only a few more days till the 16 March deadline! Emails for MPs are listed at the end of this submission. Kind Regards, George

Hi Rxxxxx,

I have finally launched my campaign against the Victorian Government’s proposed Local Government Act 2018 that you may like to share with people you know in Victoria.

The legislation indicates that it will require councils to begin inspecting private land and “dwellings” and issuing work orders to bring these properties up to the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target 2007 – which will impose huge costs burdens upon many householders, business owners and property investors to bring them up to this level of “energy sustainability”.
The legislation states that if “owners” don’t undertake the prescribed works, then the land will be transferred to the council and market value minus any mortgage value, council fees, fines and charges will be deducted before paying the balance to the owner.

Larry Hannigan has kindly hosted me a webpage about this matter; so I am hoping you will visit the page and read it carefully, as it has extracts taken out of the proposed legislation to demonstrate how draconian this matter is.

More importantly, the webpage has a link where you can download a Submission template that should be sent to the Victorian parliament and to ALL the politicians in each person’s electorate. The purpose for doing this is to ensure that EVERY POLITICIAN in Victoria feels the heat from the communities they purport to represent – and that they should NOT allow this Bill to pass through the parliament, and that they will be held accountable.

Therefore, if you are a Victorian reading this, click on the link above and send off the Submission template toyour local member of parliament, together with the 5 members in the Upper House to let them know you are aware of what’s happening. Then follow the emails up a day or two later with either a personal visit or at least a telephone call to see how they are likely to vote on this issue.

Also send off a copy to the Parliament who are inviting submissions about this; as they need to receive thousands of submissions opposing this legislation from landowners, tenants and business people. The details are on the webpage and in the submission.

On the other hand, if this Bill gets through the parliament unchallenged, then no Victorian landowner, tenant or business owner will be able to sleep at night because of fear that the authorised council officers and the police might come calling to gain access to their homes. THIS MATTER IS THAT SERIOUS!

Enough from disgruntled Victorians about to lose their fundamental rights, what does the Minister have to say?

Quotes attributable to Minister for Local Government Marlene Kairouz

“We’re putting people first and getting it done – updating laws that haven’t been properly updated in decades.”

“This Bill will ensure councils are accountable and focused on delivering what’s important to ratepayers.”

Well, maybe the Minister hasn’t read the Bill!