Flat Earth Announcement – November 1 2016

A truce has been called today between the growing sect of flat earth theorists and conventional round earth traditionalists. In a statement from the newly formed United Nations Earth Forum ( UNEF) Working Group Director Marvin Gladshore,  a resolution will be announced by the group by the end of 2017 or earlier.

In another exclusive with Rosettamoon,  Gladshore made a brief statement :

‘ The United Nations logo may be the source of some confusion due to the haste in which it was designed during the turbulent years following the second world war. The design team had insufficient mapping details of the Antarctica and therefore the continent was excluded from the logo. Had the expedition of Admiral Bird been conducted prior to the establishment of the UN, the logo may have been designed differently.’

Pressed further about the growing presence of Flat Earth theory on the web, and allegations that NASA had no real images of the spherical earth, Gladshore went on to say:

‘It is beyond the terms of reference of the working group to comment on the quality of work of the NASA organization or claims that no man has landed on the moon or exited the earths atmosphere’

Asked why he was mentioning faked moon landings, Gladshore became agitated and terminated the interview.

The Flat Earth Society has declined to comment on the announcement of the UNEF working group.

Rosettamoon conducted an independent study of the growing phenomenon and presents it below as a snapshot of the current state of the debate. As it turns out both sides are presenting excellent arguments leaving it difficult to make a solid conclusion today.

The economic argument is that if residents of the place called Earth decide on the flat earth model it will create major turmoil in terms of adjustments required to a wide range of systems. The GPS model managing flight paths, for instance, will be rendered obsolete and direct flight paths to flat earth destinations will profoundly change global travel. However, if wide consensus is reached then the fuel saving alone would represent a major fuel savings for airlines and consequent benefits for global warming and Climate Change.

If the flat earth assertions that NASA is maintaining the illusion of a spherical earth are true the future of the space agency must immediately be questioned.

Readers are urged to conduct their own studies and contribute their findings to through the proper channel of the UNEF. One suggestion is to record the google maps route destination calculated kilometers and match this against the odometer reading of your car. Any anomalies will provide vital clues as to whether we are indeed residing on a mass of flat real estate or as we have long been lead to believe are on a blue spinning ball rotating around the sun.

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