Has free energy arrived?

If you are like me and have been waiting for a half credible demonstration of a free energy device, this may be the demo you have been waiting for. It makes sense that such devices would theoretically exist. The suppression of Nicola Tesla’s wireless transmission of electricity and many of his other patents suggest humanity has been enslaved by the machine and the masters of war. Take a look at this demonstration and ponder a world free from the constraints of energy monopolization and free from the endless wars purportedly fought over energy and power.

Watch the demo of the Russian device and get in contact with the project that posted the demo.

About Project Nsearch and what to post here.

When Project Nsearch was first started by in January of 2010, it was a new type of news site that dealt with information not normally found on the mainstream news. Nsearch Radio covered these same topics up until Nsearch.com was launched in January of 2013 to reach people about God and his plan for us! At that same time Nsearch Radio changed into a Christian based radio network that teaches about God in a fun and inspirational way and covers news from a Christian perspective. We knew that Project Nsearch needed to change to help people by providing them with useful information concerning God, natural cures, free energy and other things which can help them. God doesn’t want us to be scared in these tough times, he wants us to have hope through him! Project Nsearch is happy to announce these exciting changes officially began on October 14th 2013 when Project Nsearch was relaunched on it’s mission to help others!

One thing that we have realized over the almost 4 years now is that God is the most important thing in all our lives whether we realize it right now or not. Without God we have no hope at all in the world we live in today. Many of our members have grown closer to God over the last few years also. Wanting to glorify God in all we do is what led us to transform Project Nsearch into a beacon of light in world getting darker all the time. We will no longer spread fear since it only gives free advertising for satan who wants people to feel hopeless. The cure for fear and hopeless is Jesus Christ!

We are asking for everybody’s help in posting stories that:

Inspire Hope

Help people with their health

Show people how they can save money, start a business, get a new job etc

Show people working together

Allow others to know that God is real and loves us all!

We want our content to be evergreen and helpful. In other words, the information you post today will be just as helpful and relevant today as it will be 3 years from now. That’s the major factor when posting. Make the story something that will help others, give hope or inspire and that isn’t based on politics or time frames.

To insure that we only get the right kind of stories and to make this site of higher quality, we will be moderating all submissions so we can insure all new content meets our new purpose. We will do our best to approve all stories as soon as possible and usually within 12 hours.

If you’re a Christian already and want to help spread seeds then we’d like your help on our ministry site, www.nsearch.com by posting and sharing content and also by posting Christian content on Project Nsearch.

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