A Change of Tone for South Australia: Refashioning the Body Politic.

Fundamental clues from recent history ignored, could be of peril to the state and the people and could be addressed to counter the current dark period in the states history. This can be seen in the current dress standards of politicians in contrast to earlier standards of dress, revealing a remarkable pattern. This is the so called Fashion Theory of Political Tone, proposed by Professor Nils Strommberg.

We all may agree the tone of South Australian politics has been dull, if not dark for as long as millenial memory, perhaps longer. Prior to this, some may recall, there was arguably a Golden Era. -Basking in the glory of radical change and social freedoms new found, was famous Statesman and Premier Don Dunstan who took this renaissance one step further, boldly and courageously…introducing beige!

Is it a simplistic naive social theory to predict or fashion a correlation between the quality of the body politic in relation to the standard of dress expressing itself publicly and unashamedly? Who would have expected the outcome of the return of the safari suit – an ironic post colonial twist in political fashion corresponding to this novel period of democratic and socially inclusive decision making – thus was the dawn and the dusk of this era.

Savagely severed from the innocence and gay abandon of the seventies, collectively we woke up to a new dawn. Video shops and other places of local worship were fast vanishing to be replaced by a virtual, global and microwave world.

Howard and Hawke had their flurry before undertaker Keating led  Advance Australia Fair mischievously down the new passage of privatization and corporatization of government..inevitable after the golden years.  The fashion had now changed and even Peacock’s bright pink ties and blue striped shirts failed to reignite the hope of the earlier years. Kerr’s Cur and the Ban Uranium chants were fading into the distance as Microsoft and Google ushered us into a brand new hall of charms and mirrors – activism was now the province of the elite, the middle class would become clean and subscribe to the Greens while the rest of the Chardonnay set would Get Up of their couch and surf the next campaign, there was less time to waste now to associate physically and protest on the streets.

The criticism of my theory preventing its publication into respected political science journals, while valid in some respects should not prevent its airing for consideration – and for this opportunity I thank the Rosettamoon journal for enabling this brief introduction to the theory and the potential bonus for society should it be taking even slightly seriously.

The chief criticism that it has not, or could not be causatively tested is correct.

Doth the clothes make the man or does the man make the dress? And has gender relations and the recent marriage poll confused and indeed distracted attention away from the obvious, at least for those that have eyes to see, the fashion agenda.

The second criticism is that retrospective application of the theory would be far fetched and fanciful, a Xenophonian style gimmick that would backfire immediately upon implementation. A social theory without a cause is what they would say if they were less politically correct and more honest.

Indeed, its reluctantly agreed to be true that hideous blue suits and red ties cannot be legislated against under current state or constitutional laws.

hideous suitsBegging the question again of Constitutional Reform to address fundamental issues of fashion, the public’s right not to be repulsed by the unregulated bad dress code of our top public servants. A horse can only be led to the water and even then it must consider whether or not it should drink.

For now all that can be expected is that our leaders take a long hard look in the mirror, the past and then ask themselves a very simple question, answering it honestly. Is this the right or best tone right now for South Australia or can I dress up a little and pick up my game. Is it sufficiently gay and does or should that not even matter?

Previous leaders have manned up to their fashion obligations to good effect and a cheap answer may be found in your local op shop or Salvation Army, Saint Vincent De Pauls or perhaps even your own attic?

Professor Strommberg has declined a reference to his institution and is considering providing the copy of his paper on this subject. He says he lives in Lund, Sweden, and has always been amused by Australian politics and wondered about how the country has gone backward so quickly which was the genesis of his theory.

Article image sourced from a shocking article in the Adelaide Advertiser

Celebrated political fashion of yesteryear:

Al Grasby fashion chipp FXJ203779 whitlam-woolcott