Campaign to Stop NT Fracking – Urgent Call to Assist

A Northern Territory local has sent this letter to us, appealing for assistance to help keep the pristine environment of the NT free from Fracking. Please follow the links and spend a few minutes and dollars to support this crucial campaign.

Hi friends and family,

I’m emailing because as some of you are aware, we are facing a massive fight in the NT to halt the fracking industry in it’s efforts to force the government to lift the moratorium on fracking.

The country that I currently have the privilege of living on, which belongs to the Mudburra and Jingili people is one of the main areas being targeted by 3 massive gas companies for exploration – the Beetaloo basin.

This country, it’s intricate ecosystems, including waterways, plants animals and the sacred energy and knowledge carried through it’s songlines, have been cared for by the Mudburra and Jingali people back through time beyond our concepts of recorded history.

Without any indication of the slightest foresight on the part of the government and the gas companies, everything that has been maintained, respected and carried on through this country could be lost ENTIRELY for the future in a matter of a few short years.

85% of the Northern Territory is covered in applications for shale gas exploration, and right now companies are focused on fracking in the Beetaloo region, in the centre of the NT including the Barkly, Roper River and Gulf regions.

Fracking is a highly invasive industrial operation, requiring huge volumes of chemicals and water to be used and trucked, large areas of land to be cleared for well pads and processing infrastructure, and dramatically changing the communities it operates nearby.

If the government lifts the current moratorium on fracking, many of the Territory’s big rivers, springs, inland lakes and underground aquifers would be at immediate risk.

We have just a few weeks to make sure the Chief Minister and Gunner Government understand how strong support or a fracking ban is across urban, regional and remote communities in the NT.

It’s not a time for hesitation, regardless of whether your own areas are immediately threatened by this industry, your support in any way is has the potential to effect change. The state of this planet as we all know is inextricably linked to how we live and the energy we put towards it.


There are a few quick actions everyone can take to help protect our land, water and communities from risky fracking gasfields:

1/ Call your local MLA! You can call and leave a message at their office at any time. Politicians count the number of phone calls/emails and meetings their constituents make regarding controversial issues.

2/ Light up social media with calls for a fracking referendum: Share the TV and online advertisment for a fracking ban, and support the call for a fracking referendum at (Launches Tuesday 20th Feb). Email or send a personal message on social media to your local politician.

3/ Activate your personal networks: You probably know lots of people in your network of family, friends and workmates that are concerned about fracking, but don’t know what they can do to help. A personal ask from you can help give them the encouragement and confidence they need to take action.

To find out more on fracking in the NT visit

If you’re outside the NT and want to take action:

a/ Make a short video and post it on Facebook at Stand Up for Country explaining your concerns and why the Territory should be protected from high risk fracking gasfields

b/ Contact the Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s office and leave a message on (08) 8999 6437. Explain how gasfields would impact visitor numbers and the Territory’s tourism industry, the biggest employer in the NT.