Post Pine Gap Garrett…Shock Revelation of Robotronic Replacement!

I was getting very bored of all the negative commentary surrounding Peter Garrett’s selling his soul to the devil. Garrett provided much inspirational music for the disaffected generation of which I must include myself. To see Mr Garrett spasticating himself on stage in such rages of passion was of great service to young Australians and indeed young international souls that he reached. We could get along with our business knowing that his rage and passion would somehow save the world. How do we place this enigmatic character of our generation spewing forth such unforgettable lyrics as:

I walked up to the park
The lion rock was weeping
I walked on to the grave
The lizard king was sleeping

Remember nothing you’ve been told…

The day’s draw long, too long to count
Cushioned by the wasting
Restless age, the rusted temple
A place of my own making

Suggestions that Peter Garrett was channeling his own fate of being the sleeping ‘Lizard King’ again are unfounded and cruel…this still is one of my favourite oils songs so leave that one alone please. All of this conspiracy theory guff that our Pete has some how been spell bound by the illumati elements within the centre left, centre right, right left and far right wings of the ALP are fantasy.

But still, something compelled me to follow the scent a bit further. Garrett the musician may not be a poet laureate but he was still our mate yeah and all this Garrett bashing is not getting to the heart of the question of ‘what happened to him?’

And then, just when I was about to give up the hunt I was reminded by a fellow researcher of weird social phenomena, that Garrett visited Pine Gap! Right, why on earth would our saviour be visiting the den of iniquity, the secret spy base orchestrating most things horrible on the planet? Surely Pete has not abandoned all his Oil day mates and still has alternative media nights puffing away on the old gunga din? Like Garrett was there in ’86 launching the “Close the Base” campaign and was right with the program on the bad stuff the US was plotting in our backyard. Okay, so now we are better placed to get a grip on exactly what happened because if the poet was messing with the Illuminati Brotherhood back then surely they would have been plotting their evil revenge and maybe even the ALP were called in to help implement the Sting?

Now you are probably saying this is all a bit far fetched and so truly was the author. But then I was discussing all this at the Friends of the Earth cafe on Smith Street, with a cyber punk freak friend who had some amazing new software.

Apparently it could scan photos and deconfabrulate the thermalosity of the original image in terms which would reveal the very soul of the person in the photo. ‘Blow me down!’, I said, this is all a bit much for a casual Saturday morning chit chat. “No!” said Cyberchick (name withheld on her request), “this software was hacked from a NASA database which was using the technology to further understand solar flare activity from the sun”. Momentarily stunned, I considered all of these facts and then went to a squat but high tech abandoned warehouse in the Inner West of Melbourne. That this warehouse later burnt to cinders destroying all remnants of this critical research is secondary, yet an interesting aside to the story.

My work had just begun, as an almost Garrett groupy I already knew that our hero had launched the “Close the Bases” campaign but I was highly sceptical of the conspiracy theory floated by Cyberchick, but she had downloaded and given me the software before the fire. Testing of the software began, initially on myself to ensure that I was a fit human person eligible to use such a devastatingly realising device. Assured that I was in fact a whole human I then applied the software to photos of friends, family and my pet dog ‘Zuess’. Feelings of betrayal and paranoia started to beset me as this software was revealing nothing more than supposed auric fields of decent human beings (and animals) that I knew and loved. To apply the software to images on my esteemed Peter Garrett’s website without his knowing was another emotional milestone in this project. Who was this cyberpunk chick and why had I placed so much faith in her and her software?

But then I was given a break, evidence that Peter Garrett had entered the Unholy Zone of Pine Gap, supposedly ( I say that now) to present a petition on behalf of the brothers and sisters. In 1986, Peter Garrett became the first civilian to be allowed through the front gates of the American Intelligence installation at Pine Gap. He delivered a notice from the people of Australia saying that they intended to terminate the U.S. Government’s lease on the site. ( see Tim Blair )

Peter Garrett has campaigned against Pine Gap for more than twenty years:

In 1986, Peter Garrett became the first civilian to be allowed through the front gates of the American Intelligence installation at Pine Gap. He delivered a notice from the people of Australia saying that they intended to terminate the U.S. Government’s lease on the site.

Overnight, Garrett has changed his mind:

He now believes it is an essential part of Australia’s security infrastructure.

How quick I was now to reactivate the software to know for myself, once and for all, whether or not something horrible happened on that base to Australia’s most loved rock star. The whole process took less than thirty minutes, one image taken prior to the incident and another image taken later, and now for the first time ever, evidence that Peter Garrett is literally not himself! As the first scanned images appeared I was haunted by the ‘short memory’ lyrics realising that whatever he went through was some form of mind control program and perhaps the poet was ironically channeling his own terrible fate in becoming so passionate that he walked voluntarily into the heart of the machine?

Peter, in publishing this evidence I am hoping, praying that it may trigger some small portion of the original meta program of your active brain and that part of your brain will be able to exercise the digital circuitry that is clearly visible in these images. What they did to you is inhumane and we, your supporters, can help you along the process of recovery and also compensation for such evil trickery upon a person who was trying so hard to be so good.

The Rosettamoon team regrets having to publish these conclusive scientific results which explain once and for all what happened to our Oils mate : (



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