The Secret History of Australia

By Nick Chesterfield

Whilst working for positive change I have also been trying to understand the lessons and mistakes of history up until this point so that we can all fight more effectively for a positive future. I question everything until I know, and feel, something in my heart to be true. In gaining a understanding of our current state of unreality, I have spent many years travelling and spending time with indigenous peoples from throughout Melanesia. I wanted to hear their story, and in the process I found that it was also my story, my ancestors and my blood. This change in my life, having been brought up a whitefella, did not discombobulate me at all – quite the opposite. It was something that I had always felt in me, but I was happy to know now where it came from. I am now learning my traditions, my people’s story, my language, my song. I am a Kaurna man, and proud. In learning about the ways of this Land over the last few years, I came together with many amazing people who have taught me much about the old ways. I have been pointed in many different directions to explore the story behind how we arrived at this point, on this big old Land we now sit. Of course, the most important parts of this story came from the Old People, filling in the gaps that enabled me to discover the truth about the Secret History of our Old Country. I have sat down with Elders, artists, warriors, medicine people, bushmen, tribal people, mullahs, rabbis, monks, shamans, and priests: even with senior Freemasons. Papuans, Murris, Nungas, Kooris, Sufis, Shi’ites, Sunnis, Chinese, Buddhists, Catholics and Jews have all helped me in old knowledge from each of their cultures. My journey has been outside of the Western academic world, so this is just my personal experience and interpretation. Still, I would wager vital parts of my being against any part falling over on proper (not limited to whitefella) examination.

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Source document – secretaustralia.pdf