Will the Aussie Y-Front Movement make Q-Anon Obsolete?

As the world reels from the consequences of the Corona Virus plandemic – a new Aussie movement is fast emerging and gaining traction on social media channels.

The so-called Y-Front Movement manifesto spells out its bottom line clearly. Removal of all Coronavirus restrictions across Australia and for the dirty laundry of the Andrews and Scomo Governments to be investigated immediately and the release of Julian Assange who was via his journalism responsible for the rise of POTUS Donald Trump.

Rosettamoon examines this new phenomenon to help you the reader, get closer to the truth, and make up your own mind – another conspiracy or a new radical social movement to be reckoned with?

The first Y-Front drop states the unlawful removal of civil liberties stinks, demanding the governments of Australia come clean. They insist they are not a conspiracy group and base their actions on facts alone, and don’t want to be hung out to dry as the QAnon movement, rightfully, has been.

In a social media Y drop (#YFrontMatters), a Y-Front member is seen wearing a Y-Front underwear facemask, an iconic Australian brand – Bonds – now manufactured in China. All group members are encouraged to adopt the Y-Front Bonds facemask, begging the question – is the movement associated with or sponsored by Bonds Australia ( Guy Front- Guy Fawkes?) or Jockey, or is this rather an oblique reference to 007 James Bond?

The timing of the first Y drop on September 7 at exactly 7 am is feeding this speculation and to date Bonds, Australia has made no media statement in relation to the now surging popular Aussie movement. Look closely at the numbers again.

Y is the 25th letter of the alphabet, two plus five equals seven, the seventh day of the week is Sunday, the Lord’s day of rest – this is a movement embedded with deep and confounding numerology and religious meaning, a sophisticated movement leaving cryptic clues from the outset.

In the race for esoteric meaning, the Y-Front leaves Q-Anon for dead. Of course, Y is asking the question WHY? The clues however appear to run much much deeper than that:

The letter Y is also symbolic of looking within. Inner contemplation. Meditation and inner wisdom. Now is an auspicious time for receiving wisdom from your inner source of Insight/knowledge.

Suspiciously and paradoxically in Australia, the Y-Front has been dacked by the boxer short, an American phenomenon. Is this a sophisticated shot across the bows of the controversial pan pacific US-Australia relations via the underwear apparel industry? A slap in the face of the QAnon movement hitherto stealing the esoteric limelight? So it appears on the face of it.

An ABC article published on the 17th of October 2014 A brief history of the Y-front provides more salient clues, citing the design of the Y-Front:

The crucial Y-shaped opening provided support while allowing access whenever nature called.

Support? Access to nature? Both aligned to the manifesto of the Y-Front movement suggesting the origins of the movement may stretch back in time and the clues become obvious for those with the eyes to see or who are ready for the grand awakening.

The movement was struck a severe body blow in the same year by the Guardian newspaper in a vicious article, Why I hate Y-fronts, the underbelly in the know had now politicized the movement, making snide remarks seemingly designed to crush the uprising in its infancy.

Of course, Y-fronts still have their pros: they show off your bulge; they make you look like a superhero; their Y-fronting looks like a peace sign emblazoned between your legs; they offer support.

Superhero? Support? Peace? Even the Guardian sledgehammer piece revealed the same pattern and ideology of the movement.

The Boxer rebellion may well be quashed as we can now unveil an ongoing battle that has continued over the years, pathetically not covered by the mainstream media or investigative journalists who never bothered to follow the trail of evidence laid out here now for the first time, the truth, the bottom line.

Lets now follow the historic skid marks and clues a little further and see where the breadcrumbs take us.

RM dug a little deeper and discovered yet another cryptic clue was dropped in the seventies by Australian actor and comedian, Gary McDonald. If correct, this means the Y-Front movement has been in deep soak mode for at least four decades and pre-dates both the Anonymous and QAnon movements.

McDonald wrote his piece, Why Underpants Ride Up, a matter of months after the peculiar dismissal of the Whitlam Labor Government in 1974, which McDonald witnessed. Was this indeed the genesis of the Y-Front movement and if so is McDonald the architect and brains behind the movement?

The illustration of the article contains more tantalizing encoded clues to aid the grand awakening. The Aussie icon Hills hoist happens to form three ‘Y” s and five pairs of Y fronts are rising up, representing the fifth decade in which the movement would reappear to transform the political landscape of today.

All the clues and evidence suggests the Y-Front has recently clicked into agitate mode and is fast progressing to spin dry as it jockeys for position ahead of Q-Anon which has promised a draining of the swamp via its Godhead Donald Trump POTUS failing to deliver much at all to date and leaving the Australian world hero of free speech and open journalism, Julian Assange, languishing on false charges in an English prison?

Indeed, this movement from down under may soon eclipse Q-Anon and become the dawning of a new age as the Y-Fronts ride up in unison and give the Q-Anon the long-awaited wedgie it deserves.

In miraculous fashion, Alan Bonds Australia II, scuttled the New York Yacht Club in 1983 to claim the Americas Cup, and in 2020 Australia has unveiled another winged keel in the form of the Y-Fronts which may indeed make QAnon obsolete and be the dawning of the real grand awakening.