Yes Ministers! – We are ready for the “Integrated Transport Plan”

One of the best episodes of the television series, Yes, Minister, featured a beleagured Jim Hacker, trying in vain to make progress – any progress – towards the goal, enshrined in the Treaty of Rome, of devising an integrated transport policy for Europe. He eventually learned what every civil servant knows – that transport is one of the most intractable, thankless subjects in government. Are we witnessing an episode of “Yes Minister” in the current chapter of Australian politics? All eyes on costly distractions like Fuelwatch while too few scanning for opportunities or examining the current risk and future issues facing transport in Australia.

Maybe we are, Rosetta moon has drafted an Integrated Transport Plan now available for comment and use by the Australian government, private industry and and members of the public who would like to see an integrated approach to policy making and energy reform in this country.

One of the features and benefits of an integrated plan, is that once adopted, the noise and interference coming from vested groups can be filtered out and planning and policy can proceed on the basis of what makes sense for the economy, environment and the public of Australia.

Guide to Plan:

  • Pencil = get on with it
  • Exclamation = watch out
  • Gold key = key to problem
  • Magnify glass = look a bit closer…and so forth


John Ditchburn for cartoon