To 5G or not to 5G, that’s the question?

Rosettamoon was recently queried regarding the merits or otherwise of Spacephone. On the surface, this carrier free means of mobile communications seemed too good to believe – the age of Aquarius for telephony, unshackling us from greedy, monopolistic telecoms.

As we entered deeper down into the technical aspects of Spacephone it became apparent that it was too fantastic to be true. The clue was the lack of information regarding safety despite the technology boasting its innovative features. When a new paradigm shifting product arrives the age old principal of caveat emptor ( buyer be aware) must be applied.

I thank the reader for the query as it directed us to research the emerging next generation of microwave mobile phone signal design or more exactly the band of frequency allocated to the next generation.

Readers, I am going to ask you to fasten your seat belts and prepare yourselves for future shock and implore the mad psychopathic governments enabling this so called ‘progression’ to ponder the implications of what is being thrust upon the public.

Before we continue, a brief journey back in time to recap the radio frequency roller coaster ride is called for.

The following guide indeed illustrates the need for speed in the most recent round of the information age.


Next, an illustration of the radio spectrum chart to point out where this progression sits in relation to the exposure of people to radiation levels that once upon a time we were warned to be wary of to protect ourselves from adverse effects .


Finally, a reminder that Dr George Carlo who conducted the industry sponsored ($20M) mobile phone radiation impacts study in 1993 concluded at that stage of mild microwave radiation exposure, that adverse effects were evident via the carriage of man made signals (data) across cellular networks. The adverse effects distinct from the thermal effect was the damage done to human DNA. Now consider that 4G our current carrier signal is operating at 2GHZ while the proposed rollout of 5G amps the signal up to between 30 to 100 GHZ.  This is the rhealm of untested mad science and is described as such by the chief of the US FCC who intimidated the press seeking to report on the technology.

tom-wheeler-fccIn continuation of a theme also present in Australia in 2016 where the ABC removed reference from its site of a Catalyst program ‘Wi-Fried’ reporting on the dangers of wifi frequencies to our health. The chastisement of the journalist researching and reporting properly a major health concern further illustrating that Aunty was long ago kidnapped by the corporate puppet masters now controlling her every move.



Regulation of dangerous technologies would appear to have vanished so make up your own mind while you still have one, to be electromagnetically safe or to jump on the 5G ultra microwave bandwagon.