Silence of the Greens – or – Spilling the Beans on the Greens


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing – Edmund Burke Irish orator, philosopher, & politician , 1729 – 1797.

While the Australian Greens purport to represent the interest of the environment and Australians, substantive evidence exists suggesting this is not quite the truth. This article reveals the Australian political party which should be voicing key issues of concern, is not, and in a parliamentary democracy, when the minority parties fail in their brief, all Australians have great reason for concern.

Currently, an expanding network of concerned Australians are raising critical issues and publishing these, in the hope that Australians will make demands upon the elected representatives charged with the responsibility of ensuring a sustainable future for Australia. In understanding the important issues facing this country we can no longer rely upon a duopoly media infested badly with the corporate interests at cause with the very issues we face. And no longer either can we rely upon the Greens who once voiced these issues enthusiastically, now days they sit limp and retarded in parliament and respond cheaply and narrowly to the few morsels dished out daily by our pathetically inadequate media.

In this expose I will reveal in two sections evidence that the Australian Greens have become redundant in their role and reveal what the risks are as a consequence. Firstly, it is my belief that the unchecked mining of uranium in Australia is a key issue of today’s politics which is either being ignored or heavily played down by the Australian Greens. Remembering that the ALP was once completely opposed to uranium mining, then shifted to a Three Mines policy and then with deft moves of party insiders (Chris Schact) diluted this position further and could now be described as pro uranium and pro nuclear – a very sudden shift of policy requiring further examination.

Part 1

The two current issues outside the radar of the media and the political parties (lets not discriminate yet) are the imminent expansion of Olympic Dam (Roxby Downs) and expansion of the Beverley Mine at Four Mile Creek. Olympic Dam is controversial on account of radiation risks at the work site and the plundering of an estimated 1/4 of the recharge volume of the waters of the Great Artesian Basin (the GAB) and set to expand down below the protective granite layer protecting us all from the largest radioactive mother-load of uranium the world has ever seen. And as the photos below show, forget the standard protections of EIS and such, progress of expansion is now under way while BHP hides disgracefully behind what could be considered an illegal and perverse Act of the South Australian parliament – the 1982 Indenture Act – which insures secrecy , protection from the protector (the EPA) and the ability to give the proverbial finger under government auspice to the 1988 Heritage Act.  Above all, the traditional owners of the land , the Kokatha, stand firm in their commitment to protect the land, but the Native Title sycophants have rounded up false signatories calingl themselves the Kokatha Mula, all very convenient but not representing the facts and key to the corruption and Lie which is Native Title.

On the Beverley side of things we have a mine located on a fault line (Paralana) using an insidious process of in-situ chemical leaching which uranium mining expert Gavin Mudd describes as high risk in terms of contamination of aquifers connected to the same GAB system. The expansion of this mine approved by an elder who is in defiance of his own people and the obvious environmental legacy that will be left for generations…but as he says, they  may as well take the money now because “if it isn’t mined today, it will probably be mined tommorrow anyway”….again a false statement and in contradiction of the lore known to the Adnyamathana people – the story of the Akurra being key to the wisdom that in a rationale society would leave this highly radioactive deposit well alone.  Recent developments are now exposing the abusive process of Native Title and how it comes to falsely represent the views of the traditional people who know these stories and will tell them to anyone interested in protecting the land – the problem being that Native Title offers no respect to traditional owners, it instead offers promotion of division and greed in the most recent chapter of legislated racism in Australia – an issue which needs to spelled out in the light of traditional knowledge and taken to the International Court of Human Rights – the rights of these Australians and their advanced knowledge needs to be spilled on the floor of the international courts and the architects of this divisive Act set forth on behalf of mining interests, held accountable for their irresponsible actions.

This is but a quick summary of the two most pressing issues facing the people of Australia and the indigenous people who have not been given the right within the Act to have a voice. These issues impact upon worker safety, global geopolitical stability, and the needs of preserving and keeping clean the great inland water reserves of Australia. Suffice to say these issues are of national significance, but sadly today, the public perception is that whats not in the papers , doesn’t matter – the headlines instead are full of budgetary guff (Deficit or no deficit) while the issues surrounding long term sustainability of the nation are kept at bay by the proprietors of these pre-invested newspapers.

And returning to the Greens what do they have to say on the matter? Well they certainly don’t seem to respond to specific information provided by their loyal constituency so maybe its time for a quick tour of the Greens national website in search of such hidden answers. Lets see, we have a search engine on the site that will surely reveal the hard work of the Greens on these issues of national significance. Now, as we speak, I type words with great anticipation of a flood of revealing information: “Roxby Downs”


Oh well, they must be making reference to Olympic Dam surely?


Hmm…after checking that I was indeed on the “Australian” Greens website, my only conclusion is that the Greens don’t consider the further radioactive contamination of Australia a significant issue!  And considering that local SA Greens Mark Parnell hasn’t said ‘boo’ about the Olympic Dam mine since June 2008, one could conclude that silence on the issue of the Roxby expansion has become national policy? Having had ample correspondence from many concerned Australians to dispel any such myth – perhaps Mark has been busy making noise about another nuclear non issue – the great share market uranium mining scam of ‘Marathon Resources’ which describes colorfully and media-fully the de-spoiling of the Arkaroola Sanctuary and in such campaign aided and abetted by Beverley  sign-off man (NO EIS needed) Nick Minchin – strange bedfellows in strange times.  In the meanwhile the real issues of Olympic Dam and the Beverley mine expansion go barely un-noticed – maybe some of Marks chardonnay set  had their fingers burnt in this apparent share-market scam or maybe a deal was cut with the architect of the 3 Mines Policy collapse – Christopher Schact – who came to the rescue of the Marathon board after the terrible but shallow media revelations of the sanctuary despoiling – in the midst of a share-market and political scam that took a few wrong turns – handy to have an ALP insider to offer some timely inside advice – but wait – didn’t the ALP commit to stopping such conflicts of interest in Rudd’s victory speech?…forgive me, perhaps I am day dreaming! Bit hang on! …. the Brack’s government used the same ploy with the proposed toxic waste dump in the Mallee? Surely their is a copyright on the politicians basket of dirty tricks or perhaps they are all common banter at the strip clubs?

There has been sufficient developments surrounding Native Title corruption on both these issues to make national headlines (in another era perhaps) but strangely the Greens have not come to the party of either the Kokatha or the Adnyamathana in their hours of need – and this is odd – because such developments suggest the need for urgent Senate Enquiry to get to the bottom of this mine approval mischief at a post Howard time when most Australians would expect these issues to be thrashed out openly with relish – but not so – its not just Penny Wong who is ignoring such water issues of urgent national significance, its also the Greens – and perhaps the motivation behind this ‘allegiance of silence’ will be covered in the next issue.

As I said, I am not the only Australian concerned about the quality of the body politic which is conveniently ignoring the big issues in favour of this supra convenient flavor of the month global economic collapse – that’s interesting but when the Greens fiddle while Nuclear Australia burns – quite another story. And I just remembered the promise of part two of this sordid story – a brief  recollection of my first meeting with Bob Brown – fully archived to the .aph archive of our Green saviour, and perhaps in the current hot climate ready to see the light of day. Give me a call Bob if you dispute any of the facts – they are all archived for posterity 🙂

Part 2

It was the Greens meeting in the terribly dull suburb of  Box Hill, which I was later to contemplate as absolutely appropriate.  I am most reluctant at the best of times to furnish myself at such gatherings, nevertheless a manager of a certain NSW gas utility urged me to file an urgent (greenhouse) report. I suggested to this manager that such information he was suggesting me to present to the good Senator could truncate prematurely his fine career in the natural gas vehicle sector (NGV), but given the direct and urgent nature of this evidence and request I did tabulate such report for the Greens leader and made good this commitment on behalf of honest corporate Australians willing to take a beating up the backside on behalf of the common good. Incidently, the findings of Robert Hill’s advisor/speech writer Guy Pearce were released the year after in the 4 Corners blockbuster “Greenhouse Mafia”, so I was cheerfully greatful of this timely media before anyone committed my good self and this report to the doubtful rhealm of Looney Land. While reluctantly paying the expected fee of privilege to attend such a gathering of the elite (the wine was quite good however- Claire Valley under represented! ) the stealthful minder of our Bob was reluctant for me to deliver this report which perhaps (in her Toorak tractor mind)  may have spoiled the pleasantries of such a fine cuisine evening in this illustrious edwardian venue – Admittedly – I did indeed meet many a lawyer and bank manager and if was seeking a corporate leg up,  surely I could have found not a better place. Of course, now I remember my good friend Nick Chesterfield had presented me 50 posters adverting the plight of the recently escaped West Papuan Refugees, but such class (and Bob) were hardly interested in the torrid affairs of such filthy village people – and given my reception I can certainly understand such – West Papua is a long way from Box Hill or Malvern and Bob had already prepared his speech – or did I say script! After two bottles of shiraz I had recouped my $100 entry fee and was proud not to have vomited on any guests, but in hindsight perhaps not such a terrible disgrace after all. Since my Greenhouse mafia revelations Bob and I have not maintained contact and the NGV/CNG industry has not been given any air time in the senate – thanks Bob!

So I defied Bobs new minder ( Margaret Blaker was the old one and I had ample respect for her) and made haste for the good Senator who was annocdoting cheerfully with the well scrubbed. I was not so well scrubbed (suited that is) but I did made a humble effort to meet the mark of such middle class wankery. Proud of my valiant effort to bypass the waffle I managed to get Bobs conversation and thus prevailed to orate to him in a five minute nutshell , a summary of the report held in my hand, the object of this mission to place it firmly in his. Well… my Italian friends say…’what you can do?’

The energy company manager (not named) – the Greens have the file anyway- was bravely providing evidence that the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) was knowingly and wantingly interfering with the stated policy objectives of same – specifically the CNG Infrastructure Program charged with the responsibility (and funding) of getting 20 quite simple CNG Refueling stations established along the eastern seaboard of Australia – funds made available after the Democrats crossed the floor and approved the Telstra Sale (that money vanished by the way). Such interference occurred dramatically and specifically after a CNG truck (OK – it was the ISUZU NPR) miraculously achieved ADR approval (regulations have been a stumbling block for CNG) and said energy company manager and partners made urgent effort outside of this funding to ensure a drop of success in what was a drought after the existence of the Greenhouse Office was established (another clue) . And it was put to the Senator that the consultant law firm inside the Greenhouse Office had extensive conflict of interest and connection with Big Oil, sufficient enough to say that said consultants were there to ensure the interests of Big Oil would not be jeopardized by the efforts of well meaning corporates or private enterprise (like myself) – and in writing and naming names and the turn of events…one would have imagined that a Greens Senator would be well excited by such a parcel but not! In fact the good senator was not interested in the file at all and made the odd and hardly useful suggestion of sending the report to…the treasurer!!!

So the last anecdote which is squarely in the Greens court, was only raised to remind Australians that Dr Bob Brown is a lovely fellow, well educated, articulate, a great orator…but apart from all that poppy cock a monumental fraud and betrayer of Australians and the future of our environment.  The future of Australia rests elsewhere – with Australians taking an interest in their local issues and establishing themselves sustainably and safely on an ecological footing outside of the illusion of the ‘economic growth’ paradigm that is pumped out relentlessly in the Australian press.  Planting a tree in your street or recycling your washing water is a far better commitment than taking any notice of the Greens. Your street and garden will look better and you will not be caught in the illusion that such politicians have anything real to offer towards your future. Phone Bob, ask him about this story – if he has a different version I would LOVE to hear it 🙂

More information ( a lot will follow) :

Dont expect these Olympic Dam expansion photo’s to be seen on the national website. Like Garret, impending disasters courtesy of the corporate sector are hush hush. This expansion is an impending national and global disaster but the Greens must have a lot of back room vote switching deals to resolve before they can represent such issues to the Australian people. I urge any concerned Australian to watch a summary of the risks as presented by renowned film maker David Bradbury. The full length horror is contained in ‘Hard Rain’ or for the busy Green, try the summary version in ‘All that Glitters’.

As for the plight of the Kokatha that are arguably the best Greens in the nation (not on the Greens website however), look at the coverage on the Coober Pedy Times and you shiraz guzzling Greens may choose to sell or humbly trash your BHP shares.



Further Information:

A more than useful summary of key issues on the Friends of the Earth site : (hopefully Cam Walker and co are brought into the Greens crisis talks) See site to access full report and references.Outrageous legal exemptions. Massive water usage and destruction of Mound Springs. 100 million tonnes of radioactive tailings waste. And more.

Roxby Downs Intenture Act BHP Billiton’s outrageous legal privileges.

BHP Billiton AGM, Melbourne, November 27, 2008 Kevin Buzzacott’s statement to the AGM. Also some media articles.

Watered Down Negotiations – WMC Picks Both Sides Jan Whyte and Ila Marks look at how WMC’s activities are potentially dividing the Aboriginal people, possibly damaging areas of cultural and sacred significance and maybe degrading the environment. This article was published in the FoE Australia magazine, Chain Reaction, No. 75 (July 1996).

Violence in Marree – WMC Interference Radio National’s Background Briefing – Sunday March 5, 1995. Transcript of story about the outbreak of violence in Marree, SA, in January 1995, and its connection to the Roxby Downs mine.

Photo – Bubbler Mound Spring

Detailed report on Mound Springs and the Roxby mine’s impacts on them

Another report on Mound Springs and the Roxby mine’s impacts on them

Massive energy consumption and greenhouse emissions

Bird deaths from the tailings dam

Photo of tailings at Roxby Downs The production of radioactive tailings, stored above ground, will increase to 70 million tonnes annually. Currently, tailings are produced at a rate of 10 million tonnes annually and the stockpile amounts to 100 million tonnes. There have been numerous spills and leaks – most significantly in 1994, when it was revealed that three billion litres had leaked from the tailings dams over two years. Tailings management has continued to be problematic and contentious. Mining consultants Advanced Geomechanics noted in a 2004 report that radioactive slurry was deposited “partially off” a lined area of a storage pond at Roxby Downs, contributing to greater seepage and rising ground water levels; that there is no agreed, accurate formula to determine the rate of evaporation of tailings and how much leaks into the ground; and that cells within a tailings pond covered an area more than three times greater than a key performance indicator recommended, requiring “urgent remedial measures”. Photo by Jessie Boylan.

Accidents and incidents 2003-08

From the SA government: PIRSA incident summary, also posted as webpage on the PIRSA site.

SA Parliamentary Inquiry Into The Tailings System Leakage  On February 14, 1994, WMC reported that up to 5 million cubic metres of liquid had leaked from it’s Tailings Retention System (TRS) at Olympic Dam. According to WMC the leak had been happening for at least 2 years but only became fully understood in January 1994. It has since become apparent that the leak occurred over several years and there are no plans to clean up the toxic radioactive material which leaked from the tailings retention system.

Roxby timeline + accidents 1987-2001

Roxby on Fire – 2001 According to the SA government, the fire mainly involved copper solvent extraction areas of the plant. Small amounts of uranium in the uranium solvent extraction area were also involved. Small quantities of uranium were detected in air monitoring conducted during the fire in the plume of smoke, which travelled in a SW direction. There was another fire in December 2000.

Scott Ludlam – A very genuine Senator who has walked the walk and talked the talk and is now carrying the Greens torch to close these mines and rid Australia once and for all of the horrible and secret nuclear industry.  From his site read Despair and Defiance.

Australian Nuclear Free Alliance

Formed in 1997, the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (formerly the Alliance Against Uranium) brings together Aboriginal people and relevant NGO’s concerned about existing or proposed nuclear developments in Australia, particularly on Aboriginal homelands. The Alliance provides a forum for sharing of knowledge, skills and experience. It is an opportunity to come together and find strength through our shared aims to protect country and culture from nuclear developments.